Our complete pharmacy allows you to immediately receive the medications that your pet needs at competitive pricing. We research and track all of the medications to provide your pet with the best.If your pet is difficult to medicate, we offer some compounding services. Some medications can be converted into liquid and flavored in a manner that will make the medication more appealing to your pet. When we do not have a medication your pet needs, we will either order if for you or provide a written prescription.

Purchasing your medications from us not only is convenient and easy; it also allows you to take advantage of manufacturer rebates and guarantees. It also keeps the pet’s medical records up-to-date and ensures that you will be contacted quickly if there is ever any problem with a medication. 

Current Rebates & Promotions 

Interceptor Plus-  12 Tablets- Pay for 10 tablets plus $15 Mail In Rebate

Seresto Collar- $15 Mail In Rebate 

Nexgard -  1st Dose Free, Buy 3 get 1 Free  Buy 6 get 2 free

Parastar Plus- $ 5.00 Mail In Rebate for Every 3 Tubes purchased 

Frontline Gold- 1st Dose Free, Buy 3 get 1 Free, Buy 6 get 2 Free